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This page contains outlines for courses taken at the University of San Diego School of Law.

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Some Brief Notes on Outlines

    Having a good outline for a course can help you out a lot, but having a good outline does not guarantee strong performance on law school exams.  Almost everybody has copies of the really good outlines.  Typically you can join one of the various clubs/organizations at the law school and membership in the club/organization will get you access to one or more outline banks (just go to the club/organization's website usually located on Twen or some other similar service).  Having access to a club or organization's outline bank is a good reason to sign up for these organizations during your first year.
   Additionally, outlines get passed out and traded around all the time by everybody.  So even though most campus club/organizations have disclaimers about not sharing outlines, if the outline is good, everybody will have it during the final exam.  When I attended USD, rumor had it that Law Review/Moot Court/Mock Trial/Women's Law Caucus had its own "super outline bank" that provided unrivaled top-notch outlines.  This was not the case, as many other people not on or in Law Review/Moot Court/Mock Trial/Women's Law Caucus had the exact same outlines.  It's just too easy to distribute electronic copies of outlines.  What occurs most of the time during an open book final exam is that many people will work off of the same outline.  So any edge you thought you had because you had gotten your hands on a great outline not available to other students probably doesn't exist.
    Furthermore, almost any available University of San Diego School of Law outline can be found here:

Other Considerations/Alternatives to Outlining

    In many circumstances, having an outline or preparing an outline from your notes is not be the best strategy for doing well in a law school class.  I don't know who came up with outlining, or why it continues to captivate law school students, but in any case: outlines tend to work much better in some classes than other classes.

Where Outlines Work Well

Where Outlines Do NOT Work As Well

Alternatives to Outlines

Available Outlines

Disclaimer: the below outlines may contain errors or typos.  Although I tried to do a good job taking notes during law school, it is impossible to write down everything or to even write down almost everything without making a few mistakes. Therefore, some outlines may be incomplete and/or have legal errors or typos.  People have also sent in old outlines from their USD law classes and these outlines are also available below.